Our Objectives

Ascension Educational Trust is a public charitable Trust formed to bring about all round development through well-planned educational programs.

We have seen that even a single successful person can bring a huge positive change to the whole village. For instance, a sleepy agriculture-based village full of school drop-outs can suddenly turn in to a village with full interest in pursuing education just by seeing one of their villagers becoming successful through education.

Since majority of the high ranking officers/ doctors/ engineers come from urban areas, they are unwilling to serve at rural/hilly areas as they are used to the comforts of urban facilities. This is one of the reasons why rural areas are still undeveloped. This whole scenario can be changed, if we somehow manage to produce at least a high ranking officer/ professionals like doctors/engineers from each and every village.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide free residential coaching to economically backward students from far-flung villages so that they clear the competitive entrance examination for medical or engineering college and civil services examination. This will continue till each and every village got a Doctor, an Engineer, a Lawyer and a Civil Service Officer. 

  • To encourage the formation of similar trust/society in various parts of the world so that there is near equal distribution of development in urban and rural areas.

  • To support and cooperate with persons and groups who wants to work  in similar activities.

  • To provide opportunities to individuals living outside India who wish to participate in our mission.

  • To address, whenever possible, other issues affecting human life such as health care, environment, socio-economic aspects, corruption, gender’s issues, etc.

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Khangshim Village

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