Our Vision

Ascension Educational Trust has the following visions:

1. Through our unique mission we would like see that each and every village enjoys the best fruit of education.

2. We hope that the officer/ doctor/ engineer that we produce will motivate his villagers to seriously put their effort in education. We want to see this chain reaction that will ultimately create many highly educated persons in the village.

3.  We hope that through the officer/ doctor/ engineer that we produce, there will be increased awareness in many fields and finally lead to dramatic reduction in the prevalence of various infective diseases, fightings, corruption, etc.


4.  We hope that there will be near equal development between the urban and rural areas since the doctor/engineer/officers that we produce being from rural areas are likely to work harder for the development of their own rural areas.

5. As more and more villagers get motivated and become highly educated we will see highly developed states and nations where there is more love than hatred, more helpfulness than selfishness and more smile than tears.

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Khangshim Village

Tengnoupal Dist, PO Kakching

Manipur 795103


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