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Ascension Educational Trust (AET) now runs two projects.

1st Project: Providing free coaching for MBBS entrance including free boarding, free food & free study material to economically backward students irrespective of caste/community/religion in Khangshim Village, Manipur.

2nd Project: Educational support to children of domestic helpers of Vayu Vihar, Challaghatta, Bangalore.

The first project will complete three years of operation on 12 July 2016. The second project just started in May 2016. Under this project, 35 children of domestic helpers have been sent to Alpha Omega School, Challaghatta, Bangalore. One girl, Abbasbi got complete sponsorship from Dr Priyanka Narayan who has transferred Rs 13000 for lump sum payment of Admission fee+Uniform+Books+Stationery+Tution Fee for June 2016.

The first accounting update of the 2nd project is shown below:

Sl No. Donors name / Amount received / Name of student(s) being sponsored/ Exact Amount spent on the student(s)

1. Wg Cdr Vineet Chauhan /Rs 6000/Bhawana/Rs 6971

2. Wg Cdr Prathu Rastogi/Rs 5000/Ramakrishna/Rs 5842

3. Lt Col SS Roy/Rs 6000/Renuka/Rs 6687

4. Mamta/ Rs 30000/ Swapna+ Kalpna+ Kiran+ Ashwini+ Dhaneshwari/ Rs 6687+Rs 7188+Rs 6586 + Rs 7188 + Rs7188

5. Dr. Sarika Rajan/Rs 12000/Rekha+Shyamu/Rs 7273+ Rs 6676

6. Mr George Alexander/Rs 10000/Nageshwari+Basavaraj/Rs 6883+Rs 6586

7. Lt Col Sanjiv Bari/ Rs 6000/Arwind/Rs 5942

8. Mr Vineet Dhar (Healers World)/Rs 18000/Veeresh+Sachin+Farzaana/Rs 6722+Rs 6863+Rs 6722

9. Wg Cdr AVK Raju/Rs 6000/ Ashiritha/Rs 6921

10. Mr. Riaz Aziz/Rs 12000/ Mashaq + Kaveri/Rs 5525+ 5885

11. Maj Dinesh Kalra/Rs 6000/Mariyappa/Rs 6192

12. Dr. Thyelnai Dawn Khaling/Rs 12000/Sohail+Padma/Rs 6651+Rs 6971

13. Mr Sachin Walia /Rs 3000/Yellappa/Rs 5430

14. Wg Cdr A Garg/Rs 2100/Shivakumar/Rs 5510

15. Unknown (?Parikshat Chawla)/Rs 10000

16. Unknown/ Rs 10000

Earlier, the school informed us that Rs 6000 per student will be enough for Uniform+Text books+Stationery+First Installment of Admission fee i.e Rs 1000. However, it turn out that in most of the cases, the exact expenditure crossed Rs 6000 per student. The donation received from two unknown donors (Rs 20000) have been used to fill up the deficient amount.

Total donation received for the 2nd project was Rs 154100.

The amount required for 34 students towards payment for their Uniform+Books+Stationery+First Installment of Admission fee is Rs 222066.

The amount still required to be raised is Rs 222066-154100=Rs 67966. We also need to raise fund for the 2nd installment of Admission fee which is Rs 34000 for the 34 students. We are also looking for complete sponsorship for eleven students who are from big families @900 per student. For eleven students we need to raise 900x11=9900 per month. Therefore, we need to raise Rs 67966+34000+9900= Rs 111866 (Rupees One Lakh Eleven Thousand Eight hundred Sixty six only)

AET also requires Rs 178250 for payment of salaries to the teaching staffs and Administrative staffs of our 1st project.

Final Fund requirement for AET.

1st project: Rs 178250

2nd Project: Rs 111866

Total requirement: Rs 290116 (Rupees Two Lakhs Ninety thousand One hundred Sixteen only)

Even though we have paid only for 24 students mentioned above, Alpha Omega School is kind enough to accept our request to allow the other 10 students to attend their classes. The following are the 10 students who are attending classes without any payment:

1. Anjali

2. Laxman

3. Jyothi

4. Prathap

5. Manuja

6. Subramanium

7. Bhagyalaxmi

8. Yuvaraj

9. Roopa

10. Harish

So far, both the projects are being run with the help of donations coming from kind and generous individuals. AET plans to take the first step in its search for institutional/corporate/government funding in the coming months.

Thank you all the donors for your continuous support. May you all be blessed abundantly. Please continue to support us in raising the required fund. Together we can do anything.

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