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Ascension Educational Trust (AET) is a registered public charitable trust, registered at Sub-Registrar, Imphal, Manipur, under Registration Act, 1908 bearing Reg No 2351 of 2013. 


AET is the only non-profit organisation of its kind. Our Aims and Objectives are unique from that of any other NGO or Trust. We are also committed to 100% Transparency in our financial transaction. 


AET provides free coaching with free boarding, free food and free study materials for MBBS entrance tests (AIPMT) to students from economically backward families irrespective of caste, creed or religion.


Everyone is welcome to visit our coaching center on all the working days (from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm) to know how exactly we are running. You can see the classroom, the hostels, the dining room and our Administrative office. You may also talk to our students and teachers (if you find them free during your visit). We have a visitor’s book where you can write what you feel about Ascension Educational Trust.


Why the need for completely free facility? “Those spending over Rs 32 a day in rural areas and Rs 47 in towns and cities should NOT be considered poor as per June 2014 report by Rangarajan Committee…… Still 29.5% of the India population lives below the poverty line even under this definition…” The real figure of BPL is 67% of India’s populations. This is shown by the fact that heavily subsidized rice and wheat are being distributed to nearly 67 percent of India's population. Otherwise, it’s difficult for the government to justify distributing heavily subsidized rice and wheat to nearly 67 percent of India's population. Roughly 67% of our youths belong to extremely poor families and cannot afford good school leave alone private coaching. In this materialistic and competitive world, private coaching not only becomes a trend but also a requirement to come out successful among thousands of competitors. Many ambitious students who cannot afford good school or private coaching become depressed. Roughly 67% of our youths must be experiencing some level of depression ranging from mild to severe depression. What is the future of a state / country whose majority students suffer from depression? By giving free coaching for MBBS entrance test (AIPMT), including free boarding, free food and free study materials, Ascension Educational Trust (AET) wants not only preventing our youth from depression but also our youths to pursue their dreams without worrying about money at all. Ascension Educational Trust would be the ‘ray of hope’ that allows the depressed youths to dream big thus changing the country’s youth from depression to dream chasers.


AET will soon provide coaching for engineering entrance, civil services exams too. AET believes that producing professional like Doctors, Engineers and officer rank jobs in every small villages and towns will solve many social and medical diseases and develop our country. The crime rate and the nature of crimes are alarming as the world is already filled with hatred, intolerant and selfishness. AET hopes that its students would one day be agents of a chain reaction that spreads the light of education and humanity and fight against hatred, intolerant and selfishness and make this world a better place for our children. 


AET's students had cleared various entrance tests for professional courses like, Veterinary doctor (B V Sc), B Sc Agriculture, B Sc Horticulture, B Sc Nursing, etc. This year, our student, Mr Telsing Thonglenthang Haokip who belongs to a very poor family cleared AIPMT and joined Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh for MBBS course. He scored just 67% in PCB in Class XII from Manipur Board. Although his score in class XII was not high, the environment and the facility provided to him by AET and his hard word had equipped him to compete with the high scorers and come out successful.

Guiding and teaching high scorers to clear AIPMT (MBBS entrance test) is NOT a challenging task as they already have strong academic foundation. But guiding and teaching those who scored in the range of 60 - 70% in Class XII to compete with >90% scorers is one of the toughest tasks. All our students being from poor families didn’t get good education so they are actually poor in their academic foundation. AET had huge challenges not only to overcome their poor academic foundation but also to continuously motivate them as most of them were introvert with inferiority complex because of their poor financial background.


As on today, there are 9 AET students who are undergoing professional courses. AET will form an Alumni Association which will meet at least once a year to share their thoughts and experiences and also to plan and execute at least one humanitarian activity per year. With alumni from various professions such as doctors, nurses, Agriculture scientist, Horticulturist, etc, the alumni association will be a promising one. AET is very confident that more students will clear AIPMT in the coming years. 


About 70% of Indian population resides in rural areas while the remaining 30% reside in urban areas. However roughly 90% of the Government Officers comes from the 30% of population who resides in urban areas. Similarly 80-90% of students in premier professional colleges again come from the urban areas. The majority of the country's populations who are in rural areas get only 10% of the government job (Officer Ranks). Therefore, there is a huge gap in every field between urban and rural areas.


We believe that by producing at least a high ranking civil service officer/ a doctor/ an engineer from each and every village, we can solve many social and medical problems. And we hope that there will be a kind of chain reaction that spread the light of education through the successful individuals whom we had helped. Won’t it be amazing if each and every village has at least a high ranking officer/ a doctor/ an engineer, etc? AET works to achieve this amazing goal.


North East India mostly being hilly regions, the developmental works are slow. Most of the students from North East find it difficult to compete with those in the mainland as the environment, due to its inherent rural set up is not at all healthy for students. Therefore, initially we will concentrate our work on North East India. In few years, we shall open a coaching center in each and every state of India.

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Registration Act, 1908 bearing Reg No 2351 of 2013

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